Kill or be eaten. Zombie T-Shirts are the latest rage and Roadkill T Shirts has them. Unlike other sites that give you one choice, we give you 10. That is right 10 different Zombie T Shirts. They like brains so dumb down and get a shotgun for protection.
Zombie Termation Team?

Intro: Time to kick as and take name. I prefer a shotgun as I do know Karate and other japanesse words but that is another story. Brain, Brains, Brains....aren't full of fiber.

Zombie Hunter:Our top 10 list is exactly what you need in time of the Zombie takeover. 1) Gun, 2) Water, 3) Ammo, 4)Zombie traps, 5) Slow Fat friends 6) Machette 7) Tripwire 8) Grenades 9) Missle Launcher 10) Beer.

Selection:We have 10 Zombie shirts available on tall tees, women's tees, long sleeves, hoodies and more!