Pure Comedy

That’s what she said. The classic joke that almost everyone knows. But how did it become so popular exactly? Well before it was used in television and by every teenager in the world who found it hilarious, the joke was actually originally known as “said the actress to the bishop” and was a frequent saying in Britain. But the version we know today rose to popularity in the 90’s thanks in part to Wayne’s World. The joke was frequently used on the Saturday Night Live sketch by Wayne himself and helped the joke reach out into the mainstream. The popularity then died off for a while until one legendary comedy show once again revitalized the the classic joke. That show was of course The Office in which the character Michael Scott, played brilliantly by Steve Carell, frequently used the joke. It soon became a running gag in the show and eventually characters other than Michael Scott started using the joke or would refer to it. It was Michael Scott’s classic catchphrase and eventually became so well known and popular that NBC had a sweepstakes named in honor of the one-liner. Some examples of this awesome joke, provided by The Office,  can be found in this video. Once you’re done watching the video why not celebrate this historical one-liner and get funny t shirts at roadkilltshirts.com!

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