5 Scary Halloween Costumes

Save the cute M&M costume for the kids’ school Halloween parade. Leave the sexy candy striper or buxom cheerleader outfit in your bedroom bag of tricks. Halloween is really all about the fright and gore. Here, 5 gruesome get-ups that will have you looking creepier than Mickey Rourke on a good day.

1. Bride of Frankenstein. If Marilyn Manson ever got married, this is what he/she would look like.

2. Bloody nurse. Looks like a bag of 0- exploded on her.

3. Zombie conventioneer (male and female versions). Yep, we’ve felt like the walking dead after a night in the hotel bar too.

4. Skeleton pirate. Appears he walked the plank a few centuries ago.

5. Slasher girl. Even comes with its own knife prop, so no need for the real thing and the subsequent jail time. Just sayin’.

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