Jillian Michaels Pulls a Fast One

Oh Jillian, if A-Rod can’t get away with it, why did you think you would? No, we’re not talking steriods here, but we are talking something almost as bad. Seems as though Michaels, a trainer on the hit reality show the Biggest Loser, slipped some contestants metabolism-revving caffeine supplements. Which–really big shocker here–is against the rules. The little ploy (and some in Hollywood do consider it a ploy) allowed popular-and-plus-sized Ruben Studdard, a winner of American Idol, to return to the show, as the previous week’s weigh-in results were deemed null and void. Jillian, this is VERY not phat. Next time, just play fair and jog your team over to Starbucks for a Venti  iced espresso.

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