5 Reasons Why Gift Cards Rule

5 Reasons Why Gift Cards Rule

Which would you rather see under your Christmas tree: Another pair of hideous boxers or an awesome gift card? A tie festooned with penguins in santa hats or an awesome gift card? An ice scraper with your favorite NFL’s team logo on the handle or an awesome gift card? Are you catchin’ our drift here? Gift cards are the Grand Boopah of presents, and here’s why:

1. They never disappoint. You won’t have to worry about sizes, colors or styles. A gift card to a favorite place–oh, let’s say Roadkill T-shirts, for example–will always be a hit.

2. They’re easy to buy and use. No need to battle the crowds, brave the weather or browse endless racks of picked-over stuff. Gift cards let you shop from the comfort of your home (yep, you can even wear those hideous boxers while you sit at your computer–we won’t tell).

3. They won’t break the bank. Got a spending limit? Gift cards let you stay right on budget.

4. They don’t cost a lot to mail. Did you ever spend as much shipping a gift as you did buying it? Well, with a gift card all you have to do is put it in an envelope with a stamp. Let those other chumps risk varicose veins standing in those long lines at the post office.

5. They are good for everyone on your list. Kids, grandmas, balls and chains–everyone loves gift cards, especially gift cards to companies that produce really funny, really comfy tshirts!

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