Put Down the Down and Pick Up a Tee. We’re in for a Not-So-Record-Breaking Winter

By all accounts–ok, only by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Adminstration’s, but they seem credible enough–we’re going to have an average winter. No crazy cold snaps, no batten-down-the-hatches blizzards, no rainfalls of Biblical proportions. Nope. Just your normal weather, which will seem like a nice change of pace from all these savage, God-must-be-mad-at-us storms of late. And what’s the perfect thing to wear when it’s not too hot, not too cold,  but just right outside? A tshirt of course! Ours are all made of heavy-duty, 100 percent cotton and come in various styles–long sleeved, short sleeved, v- or crewneck. Your blood tends to be a little thin? Opt for one of our hoodies!

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