Top 6 Reasons Why Our Tshirts Are Perfect for Back to School

6. You’ll Get the Chicks. Show her you have brains and brawn with your “I Put the Stud in Study” tshirt.

5. They’re Educational. Who needs to study vocabulary when we have shirts  like “People Think I’m Too Patronizing. That Means I Talk Down to People.” Bonus–we even use the word “too” correctly.

4. They’re Time Savers. No need  for your English teacher to go over the use of metaphors when you’re wearing a shirt that says “Misuse of ‘Literally’ Makes me Figuratively Insane.”

3. You Can Be a Walking PSA.  A teacher doesn’t have to waste time  disciplining out-of-control kids. All she needs to do is point to you wearing your “If You Can’t Be a Good Example, Be a Warning” tshirt.  Enough said.

2. You Won’t Need Cheat Sheets.  Can’t remember what  3.14  is? We have a pie  tshirt for that.

1. You’ll Look National-Honor-Society Smart. Come on, everybody knows that a  bro who wears a tshirt proclaiming, “Another Day Passed and I didn’t Use Algebra Once” is one brilliant dude.

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