5 Shirts that Say Revenge

A Michigan man recently made the news when he bought the house next door to his ex-wife’s and proceeded to erect a 12-foot high statue of the glorious and expressive middle finger directed at her domicile. We gotta say, that’s pretty rad, but probably something that may draw a few complaints from the homeowners’ association. We hear ya, Mr. Flip-Her-Off, love can be a bitch, but why not say it with a shirt instead of a statue? The pros: That FU sentiment follows you when you run into her walking the dog or cutting the grass, wearing an, err, spirited shirt shouldn’t violate any of your community’s bylaws (you’re protected under the Constitution)  and our tees don’t require thrice-yearly power washings. Just a quick wash and dry should do the trick to keep the shirt clean, even if the sentiment isn’t. Some suggestions?

1. Simon Says Go Fuck Yourself.

2. Fuck You. Have a Nice Day.

3. Fuck You You Fucking Fuck.

4. I Wasn’t Born with Enough Middle Fingers to Let You Know How I Feel.

5. I Used to Be Fucking Stupid. But Then We Broke Up.


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