7 Shirts Perfect for Your Holiday Party

There are just a few weeks until Christmas. You could spend that time obsessing about what to wear to all those holiday parties, going on some crazy crash diet to fit into the LBD or some Robin Thicke-esque suit. Or you could just pick out one of our fun, festive and figure-forgiving tees! Here, a holiday roundup:

1. “Griswold Christmas: Where Are You Going to Put a Tree That Big?”

2. “Merry Christmas You Politically Correct Bastard.”

3. “I Kissed Santa.”

4. “Three Wise Men…You Can’t Be Serious.”

5. “I’m Not Santa (But You Can Still Sit on My Lap).”

6. “Sit on My Lap to Get Your Present.”

7. “I Don’t Know What to Say Except It’s Christmas and We’re All in Misery.”

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