November 11 and Beyond: 3 tees for Veterans Day

Ok everybody, civics lesson time: Veterans Day, originally known as Armistice Day, was initially created to honor those who fought in World War I, a.k.a., the “War to End All Wars.” But because the world is rife with haters, a few other altercations like World War II and that spat in Korea came about, and, well, it just seemed wrong not to include those veterans in a day of remembrance too. So in 1954 Armistice Day got redubbed as Veterans Day, and, well, the rest is history as they say. This November 11, celebrate with style. Here, 3 shirts worth saluting:

1.  “If you can read, thank a teacher. If you can read in English, thank a marine.”

2. “ ‘Merica. Fuck yeah!”

3. “USA: Back to back world champs.”

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