6 of the Funniest Holiday Shirts EVER!

Spiked egg nog and strategically placed mistletoe are all well and good. But they’re not the only ways to spread some holiday cheer. Get everyone ho, ho, ho-ing with some of these hysterical holiday tees.

1. “Shitter’s Full.” Come on, nothing says the birth of Jesus like this one!

2. “Sounds Like Somebody Needs to Sing a Christmas Carol.” And if you ask us, one of the happiest ever is “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.” Really, can anyone be mad singing this classic?

3. “Zombie Claus Season’s Greetings.” Zombies are cool no matter what the occasion.

4. “The Main Reason Santa Is So Jolly Is Because He Knows Where All the Bad Girls Live.” Maybe Santa will leave you his address book.

5. “Uh-Oh, Guess What Day Christmas Is on This Year? Oh Yeah!” We know the camel has been banned from schools and workplaces across the country, but seriously, he really is kind of cute. And you’ll look oh-so-trendy.

6. “I Don’t Know What to Say Except It’s Christmas and We’re All in Misery.” We don’t know what to say except sometimes the truth is really, really funny.


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