6 Shirts We’d Love to See the Elf on the Shelf Wear

Wow parents, we’re super impressed with all the crazy elf escapades you document for us on Facebook and Instagram all holiday season long. A shelf just seems too mundane for your little guy. But if you’re not satisfied with perching Santa’s scout on a mere shelf, why are you satisfied letting him wear that uncreative, almost-nerdy red elf suit? We have better options. Tomorrow morning, we want to see pictures of your impish little sprite wearing something with swag, like a really awesome Roadkill tshirt. Some fly suggestions:

1. Naughty But Nice.

2. Merry F*cking Christmas.

3. Shitter’s Full.

4. I Don’t Know What to Say Except It’s Christmas and We’re All in Misery.

5. Santa Is Satan Spelled Inside Out.

6. Son of a Nutcracker.

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