5 Tshirts That Rival Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Why should ugly sweaters have all the fun this holiday season? If you want to wear something fugly this Christmas, at least make it funny. Host a tacky tee party and see what kind of laughs these spirited shirts will get you:

1. “Shitter’s Full.” Seriously, few things that celebrate the birth of baby Jesus could be tackier.

2. “Merry F*ucking Christmas.” So rude, it’s funny.

3. “Even Santa Enjoys a Little Porn.” Do not confuse Santa with Saint Nick. Apparently, Santa is no saint.

4.” I Want You to Look Him Straight in the Eye, and I Want You to Tell Him What a Cheap, Lying, No-Good, Rotten, Four-Flushing, Low-Life, Snake-Licking, Dirt-Eating, Inbred, Overstuffed, Ignorant …” A pretty gross tee from a grossly funny movie.

5. “You know You’ve Been Bad When Santa …” Ummm. Ewwwwwww.

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