An Unbearable Name: 4 Tshirts for Kate Winslet’s New Baby

Oh really Kate Winslet, any Tom, Dick or Harry would have done. But no, you had to get all Wild Kingdom on us and name your sweet baby boy Bear. Seriously, have the pregnancy hormones made you go soft in the head? We’d expect this kind of behavior from the likes of Miley Cyrus and Brittany Spears. But you’re too classy, too refined for this nonsense. If you love bears so much why not pay homage to the great species with famous bear names like  Winnie, Yogi, Ted or even Fozzie and Boo-Boo? Naming a baby bear (which, by the way, ranks number 7 on the top dog names for 2013), is akin to naming him ape, opoosum or bone-eating snot flower (yes there is such a thing–look it up). But I guess we can’t expect much more when the dad’s name is Ned Rocknroll (and no, we didn’t spell that wrong). People, get over yourselves. We know you’re a mega Hollywood star, but why not do something REALLY crazy and shocking and act normal! Now that would make some headlines. So would using one of our awesome tees as swaddling for the dear Baby Bear. Some suggestions:

1, #1 Threat to America. Bears.

2. Real Bear Hugs Are Often Fatal.

3. What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger. Except For Bears. Bears Will Kill You.

4. Bear + Deer = Funny.

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