Beibs Gets Busted!

The Beibernator is officially a bad boy–and he has the (growing) rap sheet to prove it! His latest foray into criminal activity? Jay Bee recently got arrested for drag racing and driving while under the influence. That’s all bad enough, but please Mr. Officer, can you arrest the guy on stupidity charges? Justin apparently was racing a hard-to-miss yellow Lamborghini down a residential street quite near a firehouse about 4 in the morning. Yeah, no one’s gonna mind that. Oh baby Biebs, we don’t care how many eggs you throw or F bombs you launch or paternity suits you’re slapped with. We don’t care how many paparazzi you assault or beers you drink while underage or kitchen mop buckets you pee in. We don’t care how many tattooes you get or baseball caps you wear backwards or even mug shots you smile through (and yes, he was smiling in this one). You’re no tough guy and we’d fear for you in prison. Stick with just committing crimes against music, will ya?

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