Bros and What You Don’t Know: 4 Things We Learned Today

Thanks to Esquire magazine and its poll of over 1,000 men, we now have unprecedented insight into the inner workings of a man. The magazine unearthed all kinds of cool facts–like most men say “I love you” at least once a day and very few have gotten manicures. But what we loved the most were some of the more offbeat findings. Here, 4 highlights we couldn’t resist sharing:

1. Twenty-four percent have masturbated at work. How’s that for hard labor!

2. Sixty-two percent have farted loudly in front of others in the last month. For the love of God, watch what you eat for lunch fellas!

3. Eighty-three percent have picked their noses in the last 30 days. Really? We thought it’d be higher.

4. Forty-four percent don’t care about being perceived as normal. Good. Because if you’re cleaning your rifle at work or backfiring out of your boxers in front of others, you really aren’t normal.

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