Loud-and-Proud Olympic Sweater

The Sochi winter Olympics are right around the corner, and when America’s Olympic athletes come marching in for the opening ceremonies, there will be no mistaking them. That’s because they’ll be wearing a garish, hard-to-ignore Ralph Lauren-designed sweater that is a hodge-podge (the company likes to call it a patchwork, but that is too nice a word) of styles. Let’s just say there are stars, stripes, flags and Olympic rings aplenty emblazoned on the sweater–the kind of thing Betsy Ross may have knit for Clark Griswold had he been going to Sochi. But let’s look at the bright side, shall we? A huge fire will be a burnin’ at the opening ceremonies when the Olympic flame is lit. Keep it burning with an ugly sweater or two, will ya guys?

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