10 Tees for Tough Guy Beibs

Justin Beiber has been in a heap of trouble lately. Drag racing. Driving under the influence. Underage drinking. Using drugs. Resisting arrest. And that was just this week! Beibs, we know you’re now officially a thug, but the orange jump suit has to get washed at some point, right? When it does, may we suggest some of the following Roadkill tshirts that will have you looking every bit the bad boy you are!

1. “If You See Da Police Warn a Brother.”

2. “Better Call Saul. Saul Goodman, Attorney at Law.”

3. “Bad Influence.”

4. “I Just Want to Drink and Make Bad Choices.”

5. “Every Great Idea I Have Gets Me in Trouble.”

6. “I Don’t Get Drunk. I Get Awesome.”

7. “I Make Inappropriate Choices When I Drink.”

8. “I’ll See You at My Intervention.”

9. “Do Not Arrest This Person.”

10. “It Wasn’t Me.”

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