Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Roadkill Tshirt

10. They do the talkin’ when you don’t want to. Not feeling all warm and fuzzy today? Toss on our “Do I look like a people person?” or “Heavily medicated for your safety” tshirts to keep the world at bay. Hey, the public’s been warned.

9. They ooze sex appeal. Big on top? How about below the belt? Our tshirts are the only way to proclaim that fact in public without getting arrested.

8. They make great gifts. Candy and flowers have been so overdone. We know the Mrs. would be thrilled to add a “Little Miss Can’t Behave” shirt to her wardrobe.

7. They make people smile. Roadkill has hundreds of hilarious tshirts. And really, between Syria and Egypt, Hurricane Sandy and Boston Marathon bombings, don’t we all need a laugh?

6. They’re conversation starters. Come on, “Ask me about my explosive diarrhea” just begs for some elaboration. Perfect if you’re the shy, retiring type.

5. They let you brag without being all obnoxious or conceited about it. Of course you’re the “best freakin’ dad ever” and a “beer pong legend.” We wouldn’t let you have the shirt if you weren’t.

4. The sizes and selection are awesome. We have thousands of designs and sizes from youth small to adult 10xl. You won’t find a better array of tshirts anywhere.

3. They can make you popular. Go ahead, we dare you: Where a tshirt that says “I make inappropriate choices when I drink” and see how many guys wanna buy you drinks all night.

2. They’re stylish. We have the traditional tshirt style–and a lot more. V-neck, long sleeve, baby doll, tanks, spaghetti straps and even hoodies. When it comes to tops, we’re, well, we’re tops!

1. They don’t discriminate. We don’t know where you ever got the idea that Roadkill wasn’t all pc. We have tshirts for men, women and children. Democrats and Republicans. Moms and dads. Smart alecks and dumb asses. Sexists and sexaholics. Really, just everybody.

Roadkill T Shirts

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