10 New Roadkill Tees

Being a tshirt manufacturer is a 24/7 job. We’re always on the hunt for things new, crazy and hip. To that end, we’ve recently added to our slew of stylish tshirts. Check out these 10 new tees with ‘tude:

1. I Think My Guardian Angel Drinks.

2. I’m Gettin’ Real Tired of Wearing Pants and Having Responsibilities.

3. The Only Problem with the Human Race Is That It’s Entirely Made Up of Humans.

4. It Only Takes a Second to Show Someone How You Feel About Them. The Police Call It Indecent Exposure, but Whatever…

5. Warning: Due to Price Increase on Ammo Do Not Expect a Warning Shot.

6. #Shirt

7. Hating People Takes Too Much Energy. I Just Pretend Their Dead.

8. Bazinga!

9. I Don’t Dislike You. I Nothing You.

10. Let’s Get Ready to Stumble.

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