4 Reasons Why Our Tshirts Make the Best Valentine’s Day Presents

You have one week before Valentine’s Day and guys, we don’t have to tell you that there will be no booty without the looty. Skip the perfume aisle and the jewelry case, the candy shelves and flower shops. Here, 4 reasons why our shirts make awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts:

1. They won’t make her fat. You know how this goes—you spend a fortune on some imported chocolate and she goes, “That’s nice, but I can’t eat it. It will make me fat.” Or worse, she does eat it and when she can’t fit into her skinny jeans she blames you. This candy thing is a game you just can’t win. Stick with a (sweet) tee.

2. They keep on giving. Flowers die. Perfume fades. But our tshirts keep on bringing a smile to her face wearing after wearing.

3. They say it better than Hallmark ever could. Cards are sappy. But out tees are snappy! Tell her you think she’s amazing with a shirt that says, “Don’t blame me. I was born awesome” or super hot with our “Weapons of Mass Distraction” tee.

4. They’re easier to slip off than a negligee. Just lift and pull. That simple.

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