Sh#$t Happens

As we here at Roadkill Tshirts like to say, “It’s all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.”  We bring this up for a reason. A 92-year-old Arizona motorist apparently struck and injured a jogger with her Lincoln Town car, but instead of stopping she kept going. It was a classic case of hit and runs, boasted a Daily News headline. Because of the urgency of her (bowel) matter, the motorist felt she had no choice but to hightail it from the scene. She found a nearby grocery store where she proceeded to evacuate–oh yeah, and pick up a package of dinner rolls for a church potluck supper later that night. She says she did drive back to the corner where she struck the jogger (who by that point had been taken to the hospital for bruises and stitches), but no one was there. Police finally tracked her down, thanks to an astute bystander who got her plate number. And for the record—no, they didn’t find her on the toilet.

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