Miley Cyrus’s needs some sarcastic t shirts

Everyone is probably sick to death by now hearing about Miley Cyrus’s “performance” at the VMA’s. But if you’re one of the odd few who haven’t seen it check the link below:
A lot of people couldn’t believe Miley Cyrus could do something like that. That she’s betraying the innocent child-like image she once held. That it completely crossed the line and was even offensive.
I personally believe however that Miley has grown now and even though I personally don’t think her performance was a wise choice, it was still her choice. She’s an adult and can make her own decisions no matter how stupid or offensive they seem. She needs to realize on her own what choices are harmful to her and her image and not have people forcing onto her their preference of what she should do. Will she make more stupid mistakes? Probably. But all we can do is sit and wait for her to turn her life around herself.
But poor Robin Thicke. The dude just can’t catch a break. He recently came under fire for a rather eyebrow raising, almost offensive music video of his song Blurred Lines. The video was quite distasteful and pretty degrading for women. Thicke tried to defend the video by saying the song and video are supposed to be “ironic” and funny as he believes the opposite of what the video is portraying. Kind of hard to believe when you have naked women in suggestive poses in the video. And now while trying to clean up his image and defend himself, he’s under fire once again for the same performance as Miley Cyrus. I personally believe he should’ve learned from the Blurred Lines controversy, that stuff like this is probably not a wise thing for him to do. But apparently I’m wrong as it seems he learned nothing.
But the real tragedy from the VMA’s comes not from the performance done by Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke, but from what it overshadowed. Macklemore has become a media icon lately for his stance and songs on ending homophobia and racism which is still prevalent in many parts of not just America, but the world as well. At the VMA’s Macklemore won an award for “Best Song with a Positive Message” and used the opportunity to speak to the entire viewing audience on LGBT rights. He explained how LGBT rights are human rights and that there is no difference. It was inspiring and incredible to see someone with his status use the award not to talk about himself, but for what believes is right. But sadly because of Miley Cyrus, not many people are paying attention to, or even remember, this incredible moment. Maybe we can learn next time not to focus solely on the controversial and offensive happenings but the wonderful, inspiring moments as well.

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