5 Tees for the Oscars

Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre is gussying up the red carpet, Harry Winston is loaning out the diamonds and Ellen DeGeneres is lacing up her high tops. The Oscars take place this Sunday and, while we know you must be an A-lister in some things, we’re kinda of betting on the fact that you didn’t nab an Oscar invite. No worries! Let Joseph A. Banks keep the tux. We have super-cool tees that highlight some of Hollywood’s greatest cinematic achievements. Suffice it to say, if Oscar wore clothes, this is what the golden boy would choose.

 1. “Average Joe’s Gym”. Hey, everybody loves an underdog.

2. “I Piss Excellence.” It’s a sad fact, but if you’re not first, you’re last. Wouldn’t you love to see Ryan Seacrest interview Ricky Bobby?

3. “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner.” Wow, what do you think Patrick Swayze would do if Joan Rivers dissed Jennifer Grey on the red carpet?

4.  “I’m Too Epic Too Fail.” We think this would be the kind of shirt Matthew McConaughey might wear to the Oscars if he had his druthers.

5. “Sorry Folks, the Park’s Closed. The Moose Out Front Should’ve Told Ya.” This shirt wins an award for favorite family fun tee of all time!

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