13 Shirts Perfect for (Any) of the Real Housewives

New Jersey has wrapped. Beverly Hills is almost to its finale. And New York is up next (start chilling the pinot grigio, folks). We are in Real Houswives heaven! Really–the name calling, the cat fights, the sloppy drinking and the near-lesbo encounters. It’s addictive! Which got us to thinking. If the girls would take off their sequins for one night, which Roadkill tshirt do you think they might choose?

1. Mostly I just sit around and be fantastic all day.

2. I’m already going to hell. Now I’m just trying to get a good spot.

3. It wasn’t me.

4. I taught your boyfriend that thing you like.

5. It’s not easy being the perfect bitch.

6. People say I have a bad attitude. I say fuck’em.

7. I’m mean because you’re stupid.

8. I’m better when I’m drunk.

9. I’m into cheap, meaningless sex.

10. I can’t wait to be ashamed of what I do this weekend.

11. Get me drunk and enjoy the show.


12. Heavily medicated for your safety.

13. I don’t get drunk. I get awesome.


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