11 Shirts to Celebrate “Be Nasty Day”

If you have to be nasty, March 8 is the day to be it. What do you wear when bad, sassy and disgusting are the order of the day? A Roadkill tshirt! Here, lots of options:

1. I pooped today.

2. Shitter’s full.

3. If you’re gonna ride my ass, you could at least pull my hair.

4. If your dick was as big as your mouth, I might be interested.

5. If I wanted to hear an asshole speak, I would have farted.

6. You’re nuttier than a squirrel turd.

7. Beavers love wood.

8. Droppin’ loads.

9. Happiness is a bitch with a cock in her mouth.

10. Swallow or it’s going in your eye.

11. Ask me about my explosive diarrhea.

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