Bacon and Wakin’: There’s an App for That!

How’d ya like to wake up to the smell of bacon every day without ever messing up the stove or singeing your skin with hot grease. Yes, there is sheer brilliance in the world and it lives at the Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon. A real place (or at least a real website) with the mission of “creating a better bacon strip and forging a brighter bacon future.” And to help with that mission, these geniuses have created a special Iphone app that can wake you with the sounds (and wait for it) smells! of sizzling bacon that “comes from an unmistable cut” and is cured for “12 tender hours.” We sooo want to go to bed right now (and it’s currently 1:32 p.m.) just so we can wake up and smell the bacon all that much sooner. Only downside: The app is not yet available for sale. But we’re pretty sure it will be available way before pigs fly.

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