8 of Our Newest and Funniest Shirts

Well, we here at Roadkill Tshirts are nothing if not extraordinarily funny. And we have 8 new tshirts to prove it. Put one on and give the world a smile!

1. I love sleeping. It’s like being dead without the commitment.

2. If I agree with you we’ll both be wrong.

3. Teach your kids about taxes. East 30% of their ice cream.

4. Zombie beer pong. I sink it, you drink it.

5. To do list: 1. Buy a sword. 2. Name it kindness. 3. Kill people with kindness.

6. When I told you I was normal, I may have exaggerated slightly.

7. That’s too much bacon said no one ever.

8. Nothing says “I mean business” like using a cart at the liquor store.

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