Such a classic

Ahhhh, the Office. Such a classic. Nothing will get me laughing harder than watching an episode or two from the series. From the awkward, embarrassing situations to the laugh out loud moments, I was hooked in by almost every scene. The characters were brilliant, I mean who doesn’t love Michael Scott? The blunt, socially inept boss that brings the fantastic cast and the entire show together. Everything that came from his mouth was pure comedy gold and other times would leave you with a sense of second-hand embarrassment. And of course the long-time romance between Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley. Everyone I knew that watched the show desperately wanted the two to end up together and we finally got our wish in that totally awesome wedding episode. To me, no show can compete with the office and if you feel the same, check this video out and consider showing your support by getting a Dunder Mifflin shirt at

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