5 Bacon Tees We Love

We heard the saddest, most disturbing news today: A woman took a perfectly good slab of bacon and let it burn to mere ashes on a stove, all in an attempt to exact revenge and burn down the home of her ex-boyfriend.  Okay, maybe the guy was a pig. Maybe he was living high off the hog on her dime. Maybe he went hog wild with another sow. But really–bacon????? What a disgrace. Just kind of adds salt to the wound, if you know what we mean. Which got us to thinking about how fabulous bacon is and how we should revere it. Here, 5 shirts to show some bacon love:

1. In bacon we trust.

2. Everyday thousands of innocent plants are killed by vegetarians. Help end the violence. Eat bacon.

3. “That’s too much bacon.” –Said no one ever.

4. Bacon is meat candy.

5. Bacon makes everything better.


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