9 Zombie Tshirts

File this under “You can’t make this sh@t up.” A Polish priest has deemed that Lego’s zombie and monster mini figures are tools of the devil “that destroy children’s souls and lead them to the dark side.” Wow. And we just thought they were inter-connecting blocks with super-cool, slightly scary faces. Okay, Father Kostrzewa. If you think Legos are evil, we’d hate to know what you think of some of our awesomely witchy, corpse-crazy zombie tshirts. Here’s a sinful sampling:

1. Zombies were people too!

2. Zombies worst nightmare: Necrophiliacs.

3. Zombies want me for my brain.

4. Zombies only want a hug.

5. Zombie response team. Kill or be eaten.

6. In the event of undead attack zombie friendly. Do not eat!

7. ZSA: Zombie Slayer Association

8. Zombie beer pong. Eye sink it. You drink it.

9. If I come back as a zombie I’m eating your first.

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