Which Roadkill Tshirt Are You?

Ever take one of those Facebook quizzes about which rock band or Downton Abbey character you are? Well, we decided to play the same game with some of our tshirts. Take our quiz to find out if your tshirt style is sexy, sarcastic or downright stupid (cuz you know we have tshirts in all those categories!).

1. What’s your favorite pastime:

   a). Have sex.

   b). Ridicule those less fortunate.

   c). Hang out with my chuckle head friends.

2. If you had a $1 million you’d spend it on:

   a). Sex in Vegas.

   b). A fortress to protect myself from stupid people.

   c). Beef jerky, Knicks tickets and beer.

3. If you were an animal you’d be:

   a). A tiger

   b). An elephant. So I would never forget how stupid this quiz is.

   c). A beta fish. Oh wait. Are fish animals?

Scoring: Mostly As: You’re sexy.


Mostly Bs: You’re sarcastic.


Mostly Cs: You’re stupid.


A few answers of each: You’re multifaceted. We have shirts for all your moods!

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