5 Reasons Why Our Tshirts Make the Best Mother’s Day Presents


You can keep your perfume, your chocolate-covered strawberries, your dozen roses. Ditto your gift card to the nail salon, your i.o.u. for a home-cooked meal, your picture frame with the cute photo of the grand kids. They’ve all been seen, done and probably shoved into the back of a closet. If you really want to impress mom this Mother’s Day, lavish her with a tshirt. Here’s why:


1. They’re comfy. Made of 100-percent cotton, our shirts are all soft and snugly, like a hug from you.

2. They’re durable. Perfume fades, flowers die, chocolate-covered strawberries melt. Our shirts live on and on, just like your love and devotion to dear old mom.

3. They’re unique. Just see how many moms are wearing a swagalicious Roadkill tshirt at bingo next Thursday!

4. They’re good for all kinds of moms. Is your mom a saint? A sweetheart? A stripper? No problem, we have hundreds of shirts in a dozen styles and with tons of sayings and designs. One is sure to please your mom.

5. They’re affordable. Flowers can cost you a couple of Jacksons. Perfume–even more. Our shirts are just $19.99. They just seem waaayyy more expensive.


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