10 Roadkill Tshirts That Boost Your Date-ability

10 Roadkill Tshirts That Boost Your Date-ability

5 for Men

1.  “I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ll take a look.” It’s a shirt that says, “Hey, I’m here to help you out any way I can.”

2. “I’m a Lover Not a Fighter. Unless You Like It Rough.” You had her at “Lover.”

3. “Bad Influence.” Every woman has a naughty girl side.  Ever hear of 50 Shades of Grey?

4. “I Have Issues.” There’s always a woman out there who wants to take on a project. And that project would be you.

5. “I’m Awesome at Ping Pong.” What woman can resist an athlete?

5 for Women

1. “I’m Good in Bed. I Can Sleep All Day.” Trust us, all he saw was “I”m good in bed.”

2. “I Meet or Exceed Expectations.” This shirt is like a dare–he’s just gonna have to find out for himself.

3. “Stop Picturing Me Naked.” Reverse psychology, as every mother of a two year old knows, works every time. And inside every grown man is a two year old who won’t do what he is told to do.

4. “They’re Fake But They’re Awesome.” See #2.

Taste15. “Remember My Name. You’ll Be Jerking Off  to It Later.” It’s a shirt that just invites an introduction.

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