5 of Our Favorite Scenes From Sharknado 2

No doubt you were glued to your TV last night, watching the sick masterpiece that is Sharknado 2. Ian Ziering was brilliant in his badness. In this two-hour epic cinematic fail, it’s hard to pick out just a few favorite moments. But here’s what we’ve managed to come up:

1. Chris Young hitting a home run for the Mets. Young’s batting average is .209. Which makes an actual Sharknado more likely than him hitting a home run.

2. Fin nearly busting a blood vessel trying to land a plane. He looked like what we imagine a mouse might look like trying to eliminate an elephant from its intestinal tract. The plane had holes, as evidenced by the dangling-yet-darling Tara Reid, but we assume it still had brakes.

3. The head of Lady Liberty rolling through Manhattan, impaling a man and then smashing into the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel. We love the filmmakers subtle juxtapositioning of being trapped by a symbol of freedom. Deep.

4. Al Roker giving us a very realistic weather forecast of “Sharks falling at a rate of 2 inches per hour.” Too late for the salt trucks. Send out the plows.

5. Finn’s heroic retrieval of April’s arm and his subsequent re-proposal. We love a happy ending.

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