Shirts to Get You Noticed

Flying under the radar is good if you’re in middle school. But what about the rest of your life, when you’ve presumably grown a full set of cojones? Let people know that you have a wickedly clever sense of humor, a can’t-knock-it down ego, a pair of balls so big, there’s not enough Fruit of the Loom in the world to reign them in. Our tshirts tell the world you’re not afraid of anything (except maybe zoombies, and everybody’s afraid of them). Come on, it takes someone with a lot of personality to wear a tshirt that says, “I direct midget porn” or “Practice safe sex. Go fuck yourself.”Live your life out loud! Here, five tshirts that may not win you friends, but will definitely get you fame:

1. “If at first you don’t succeed, then maybe you just suck..”

2. “If I wanted to hear an asshole speak, I would have farted.”

3. “Don’t  trust anything that bleeds for a week and does not die!”

4. ”I’m already going to hell. I’m just trying to get a good spot.”

5. “My those boobs look heavy. May I hold  them for you?”

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