It’s 7-Eleven. Have You Had Your Free Slurpee Today?

Well, I just finished my FREE watermelon punch Slurpee, courtesy of 7-Eleven. This being 7/11 and all, the store decided to go all out and give away the sweet, frozen confection that made it famous. And with it being only slightly cooler than hell here, it was a welcome treat. All that frosty sweetness cut a cool path down my throat. The only thing better? Adding a shot or two of vodka and sipping it on a beach under an umbrella. Hmmm…we may be on to something here.

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Beach Tees

Been to the beach lately? If so then you know there are two types of bodies out there. Bangin’ and Beluga-whale-big. There truly is very little in between, unless you’re about 10 years old. And, of course, the Beluga-whale-big bodies think they are really bangin’ bodies, perhaps with a slight layer of insulation. No matter, the bikinis still come out, and you will be glad when the noon day sun scorches your eyeballs. But this is where Roadkill T-shirts come in. Covering up that bulge, that flaw, that pooch has never been easier or more stylish. Hey, we’re all for keeping it real. And covered.


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Face It: 12 Tees with Famous Mugs

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words—which is why we have tons of tees plastered with the smug mugs of everyone from Bush to Buckwheat. These tees are positively picture perfect!

The Politicians…


The Gods…


The Entertainers…

And the Fonz…





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6 TBT Shirts: Throw One on and Throw Back a Drink!

In honor of TBT, why not throw back a few alcoholic beverages? We have dozens of awesome drinking shirts, but here is just a sampling of our favorite ones

1. Drinking rum before noon makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic.

2. Alcohol. Because no great story ever starts with a salad.

3. For a good time just add beer.

4. There’s too much blood in my alcohol system.

5. This beer is making me awesome.

6. You can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning.