3 Shirts for NFL Draft Day

Get out the playbooks everyone, the 2014 NFL Draft Day is upon us. Will Johnny Manziel go to Houston? Will Jadeveon Clowney be the first pick? Will any drafted player hug his mom before his agent? Time will shortly tell. And when it does, you’ll wanna be enjoying all the madness in the right garb. Here, 3 shirts that score big!


1. Ray Finkle Football Camp. Laces Out!

2. Uncle Rico’s football Academy.

3. Fantasy Football Academy.

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4 Shirts for Teacher Appreciation Week


Teaching may be one of the great unsung professions in America. Part parent, part prison warden, a teacher will fill your head with lots of useful information like the historical implications of the Stamp Act of 1765 and the definition of a frieze pattern. (Duh, stupid, were you in detention for all of geometry? it’s an infinite strip containing a symmetric pattern). Seriously, I mean how can you get by in life without knowing these basics. This week, pay homage to the ones who dulled your senses and squashed your spirit. Here, tees that pay respect to our teachers!


1. If you can read, thank a teacher. If you can read in English, thank a marine.

2. Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.

3. I taught your boyfriend to do that thing you like.

4. Screw this. I’ll be a stripper.


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4 Fun Shirts for Finals

If you’re a college student, you’re probably in the midst of exams. And if you’re a college student who actually gives a crap about grades, you just might be getting a little stressed right about now. Not to worry. We have the shirts to calm your jittery nerves and make you a blue book baller.


1. I put the stud in study.

2. Thanks Wikipedia!

3. Lambda, Lambda, Lambda

4. Community college. Easier than regular college.

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6 Shirts for May Day

May Day traditionally celebrates the beginning of spring and fertility—of the soil, the animals and, of course, people. Given its historical and religious significance, it would be almost sacrilege not to bang a babe in May. Here, 6 tshirts that will get her swooning…


1. Boobies make me smile.

2. Here I am. Now what are your other 2 wishes?

3. FBI. Female Body Inspector.

4. I feel sorry for people that don’t know me.

5. I want you inside me. That’s hot.

6. I’m here to lay pipe.

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Mom’s the Bomb! 5 Shirts for Mother’s Day

Where would you be without your mother? If you chose a) in a gutter, b) incarcerated or c) in the witness protection program, then we’re pretty sure you owe it to that saint of woman to remember her this Mother’s Day, May 11. Flowers are fine; perfume might even score you seconds at dinner. But let’s face it: Given the kind of kid you were (are!), you have to step it up a notch. Here, 5 mom-loving shirts that just might get her thinking you weren’t such an epic failure after all.

1. Being awesome has its advantages.

2. I’m awesomer than most.

3. Warning: You can go blind from my pure awesomeness.

4. Best buds.

5. I’ve got your back.

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11 Goofy Graphic Tees

Sometimes it’s hard to write about our enormously funny shirts. Sometimes the jokes just don’t translate well without the awesome graphics. So here’s a roundup of some of our hilarious shirts you gotta see to understand!