We are now accepting t-shirt ideas. We do it different than all other sites so please read carefully. Unlike other sites, we try to give most ideas a chance.

How do we do this? We TEST designs for up to one week prior to buying them. Why? We never know what will sell and we will give you a shot unlike other sites. If they sell, we buy them, if not we take them off the site. This might sound unfair BUT unlike other sites, we give you a shot and TEST the majority of them. Think about it this way, you might sell 1 to another site and we might buy 20. You are more likely to get a purchase from us if it is good.

To sum it up: We put the design on the site for 1 week at our cost and risk. If it is a winner, we buy it. If it isn't, we give you a free shirt and take it off the site.

Level 1 - Idea only. You have an idea, but can't draw. 3 t-shirts of your choice.
Level 2 - You are an artist with an idea and submit artwork. $100

Question: Why would I let you test a design, shouldn't you just buy it. Answer: We could but odds are you might never sell us one. If we test them and it is a winner, we will buy it. You might sell 1 or 2 to other sites, if you are a great artist, you could sell dozens to usif you suck, you end up with a bunch of free shirts.

Question: Can I submit a bunch of ideas to you. Answer: Yes, but don't steal from other sites, or forward a bumper sticker chain letter to us. If it is out there, odds are we have seen it.

DO NOT SEND FILES to us at first. Contact us first. Send a link to where we can view artwork if possible.

By sending us artwork, you agree to these terms and RK T Shirts, LLC will become sole owner of artwork/idea.

READ: Please put DESIGN SUBMISSION in subject line... Send to: Mike@RoadkillTShirts.com