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Whoever said funny drinking shirts were lame, didn’t party hard enough!

Get drunk on tees:

Nothing beats the excitement we’ve had, growing up, of waiting to sip our first beer or light our first cigarette. There is no greater proof of being an adult than truly experiencing the thrill of afternoon drinks or a rolled-up joint. To showcase our true appreciation for such occasions, setting the right kind of mood is key. Here, clothing is the quirkiest underdog to jumpstart your evening! Gone are the days of plain white tees because we’re here to tell you why you need to swap those ASAP for a drinking or 420 T-shirt instead! Wear a relevant funny beer drinking shirt to tell everyone what you’ll be up to in the evening. And whether you’re waiting to hit that age or you’ve been there already, the buzz is just as sweet.

I Wonder If Beer Thinks About Me Too..?

We’ve all been there. When the cool undertones of beer hit your system, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for it. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. The simplicity of this drink makes it one of the top choices for the best quality T-shirts for men and women alike! You cannot go wrong by expressing your true sentiments for beer and it’s time the world also knew what was up! 

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Trust Me, You Can Dance. - Alcohol

The most intriguing side effect of alcohol consumption is the level of false confidence that it brings along with. If you’re one of those shy personalities that use alcohol as a push in the right direction, then this funny drinking T-shirt is made for you. For those especially inexperienced dancers, this tee will definitely make up for your sick moves (or lack thereof) on the dancefloor too!

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Dear Alcohol We Had A Deal

As fun as drinking can be, it does have its drawbacks. The evenings before a crazy night out involve great deliberation. Most of us hope to make it out without a terrible hangover the next morning.  On these particular occasions, this funny drinking T-shirt offers the best comic relief you need. Wear it the night before or the day after, trust us, all your drinking partners will be able to relate!

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The Drunken Clam

What’s a fun list if it doesn’t include relevant pop culture references? This particular bar has a regular appearance on the hit sitcom “Family Guy”. Many of the animated show’s important storylines take place in and out of this bar and for an avid fan of beer, sports television, and bars, this shirt is an iconic inclusion in their wardrobe collection.

I'm Drunk And You're Still Ugly

Drinks don’t always bring out our best sides. For some of us, a wine glass or two can make us even more sarcastic than before. This shirt serves as the perfect icebreaker to help prepare the people who approach us. While it’s important to be ourselves, it is just as important to not offend anyone else and humor is the ideal addition to make the best of both worlds. 

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Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Should Be A Convenience Store

The ATF is more popularly known as a bureau that undersees the aforementioned products. However, for avid lovers of these things, a convenience store would have been a more appropriate store for these items. This drinking and 420 T-shirt offers the perfect blend of both alcohols and cigarettes, all within one quirky caption!

Sure I'll Have A Beer

When asked for this drink, if your answer always seems to be a yes, then this beer drinking T-shirt is for you!  It’s also a super creative way to tell those around you what you’re always in the mood for. And it can help you find other like-minded individuals who share the same intensity for beer as you might! We think that’s a win-win situation right there!

I Drink Like A Girl Try To Keep Up

The notion that women are light-weights when it comes to drinking is trash and this T-shirt is here to set the record straight. This funny women’s drinking T-shirt calls out stereotypes with both a sense of humor and charm. For your committed drinking ladies, this shirt could serve as an ideal (And extremely relevant!) gift for them to wear to their next bar crawl. Plus, it’s the best thing to keep old-fashioned men or women from approaching you when you’re having a good time!

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Get Me Drunk And Enjoy The Show

If you often find yourself drunk, then chances are you know how to have a good time! This shirt is the perfect ice-breaker to let everyone know what a true wild child you are! It’s hard not to get lost in the fun of feeling the buzz. Wear this shirt yourselves or gift it to a friend who never knows when to stop drinking.

Sorry Honey I Can't Hear You Without A Beer In My Hand

After a long day at the office, most men want to come home and relax with a beer in hand. This particular drinking or 420 T-shirt is for those men who want to playfully insult their significant others while also telling them exactly what they’d like first thing when they come home. Gift this shirt as a goofy present to your wife or just wear it to get on her nerves. The choice is yours but choose it wisely.

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Does Wine Count As A Serving Of Fruit?

As discussed earlier, it’s incredibly difficult to give up drinking in order to stay fit. But fret not because this funny wine tee shirt knows exactly what you mean. Be sure to wear this to the gym and have a good laugh or wear it at home on your cheat day. No matter what, we all can understand the true difficulty of laying off an aged glass of wine.

I Love My Bartender

For the ones of us who have found their go-to bar and their post-work venue, this shirt knows exactly what you feel, Finding a bar that is akin to all your different moods is rare but finding a bartender who understands what you mean is even rare still. Wear this tee to your next hang-out session at the bar or just gift it to your bartender, either way, they’ll be happy to see your true appreciation for their presence in your life!

My Check Liver Light May Come On This Weekend

One of the best things about funny tees is the way they can discuss somber situations. Wearing a tee to showcase your commitment to drinking despite the health risks is not something we can condone. However, wearing it just for laughs can be just what you need to lighten a stressful atmosphere or prank your family.

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The choice is yours:

Whether you leave this site with an idea for drinking, 420, or weed T-shirt provided by RoadKill T-Shirts then we have done our job. None of our headlines are set in stone and remember that you can customize these options to best fit your particular mood and occasion. Let loose your creativity and wow your friends and family with any and all of the captions that we have compiled for you. Rest assured, you can always thank us later! 


By Fahad Abdul Basit


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