What do the holidays mean to you? To us they are a way to make more T-Shirts—I mean provide that spark of inspiration that allows us to express the spirit of the holiday in a graphical top fabric. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Christmas? Festivus? Not to worry we have a shirt that will tell others exactly how you feel. My favorite is the Halloween themed shirt. Why? Because sometimes you don’t feel like dressing up and need a way to show your lackadaisical attitude toward the custom by branding your shirt with “Cheap Ass Halloween Costume” Now whenever bunnies, imps, and slutty *input occupations* walk up to you demanding where is your costume, you can hold your head high so they can read your shirt!
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Father, The Noble Element T-shirt
Merry F*cking Christmas T-shirt
Three Wise Men, You Can't Be Serious T-shirt (White Ink)
Kiss My Shamrock, I'm Irish T-shirt
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Make That Special Time More Special

Intro:You can tell us that Christmas, St Patrick's Day and Valentine's are corporate schemes to earn more money. Heck, you can say its a category that we have to earn us more money, but that's getting away from the spirit of what the holidays are about. One look at our "Holiday " category and you'll realize that these are shirts to share, to laugh, to love, and to enjoy.

Quality:It all starts with quality. During the holidays you would want to give and receive something of quality. Our shirts are preshrunk 100%* cotton. They are Gildan Heavy duty. Professional screened silk images and text decorate the fabric. In a time where you want to spend it with quality, shouldn't your shirt express what you're about?

Selection:Santa has thousands of gifts and we have thousands of shirts--psst! we're Santa! Just kidding, but we do have some representations of the big fella. You see, we like to spread joy for you and yours, and the only way we know how to do that is to have thousands of shirts with content that's relevant across the continent.

Policy:We're not the ones to ruin the holidays or your mood. Exchanges? Sure. Refunds? Why not. We just want to leave you with the impression that we aren't just another company, but one who cares about customer satisfaction.

Outro:Even though we have a naughty category, we would love to be apart of your family for the holidays via a shirt to share with everyone.

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