Here you will find our latest and greatest T-Shirts, the ones that your friends will be high-fiving you for the aura of awesomeness emanating from the fabric. These shirts encompass all of the categories (funny, novel, etc), and as such, will give you a sampler of what to expect if you dive deeper (that’s what she said!) into any single section of our products. My personal favorite from this category is the simple and funny “Relax I’m Hilarious”, informing all who read that not only will you offer them a good time but that you don’t mistake confidence for arrogance. The “New” category is our first and, by the selection available, might be your last.
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If I Was A Jedi, There's A 100% Chance I Would Use The Force Inappropriately T-shirt
Wooden Spoon Survivor T-shirt
The Grandfather T-shirt
Never Take Advice From Me, You'll Only End Up Drunk T-shirt
Stand Back, I'm Going To Try Science T-shirt
Bacon Powered T-shirt
Science Is Awesome T-shirt
Property Of XXL Bacon Juicy Flavor T-shirt
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SO Fresh and SO Clean

Intro: Be a beacon of creativity for your social network by wearing one of our T-Shirts from the "Graphic" category. If you aren't first you're last, and in the case of played out T-Shirts, looked over. Stand out with one of the many fresh and crispy Ts that will get likes from all of your friends, maybe even some attractive strangers. Bow Chica Wow Wow

Quality: You should be fresh and crispy, why compromise either by running with the other guys? Our New T-Shirts have that breezy style you're looking for but they are also made from 100%* cotton. Hate tops that leave you feeling naked? Our cotton shirts are Gildan Heavy Duty--Yeah kind of like those trucks you see on the road (or perhaps own--durable and strong, walk confidently while others fight to keep their shirts down in the wind. Professionals are what we are and quality is what we produce. Silk screened images and text give you that high def look. Nice!

Selection:Thousands of shirts for billions of people. Ok, maybe we haven't got a shirt to match everyone in the world, but you will be hard pressed to find a shirt in our vast selection that doesn't match you. Attract similar minds to your personal circle.

Policies: Our refunds and exchange policy is top notch. Not satisfied for whatever reason? Unacceptable. We demand customer satisfaction and will do whatever to get it.

Outro: Fresh and crispy, fresh and crispy, all of our New Ts will have you looking spiffy

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