The sibling to the funny category as well as the bastard from the other marriage. These shirts will shock and appall if you’re in a stiff crowd or get you laid if you go to college. They say sex sells and these shirts make enough references to pay your tuition. Shirts like “ASS The Other Vagina” will get you many praises from your bros and will attract the right girl for you, well until she sleeps with your bud next week, but it’s whatevs! Also located in this category is the infamous Penis shirt that you will need to see to believe; *Note: Penis shirt works best if you are as big or bigger than penis on shirt.
68 You Owe Me One T-shirt
I Got A Dig Bick, You That Read Wrong, You Read That Wrong Too T-shirt
It's Not Racist If It's True T-shirt (White Ink)
If Masturbating Was A Crime, I Would Be On Death Row T-shirt
Touch Many Lives

Intro:These shirts are for all of you who "go there" whenever someone mentions something like they are, "anal when it comes to X". Sure they didn't mean it like that, and yes the joke was at their expense, but hey, they set themselves up for that one. Let everyone know to watch what they say and to protect their manhood when you're around because you like to go all in.

Quality:If you spend enough quality time with these shirts you will likely become that much more offensive, but blowjobs and dick jokes aside, these Ts are preshrunk (sorry to hear that dude) 100%* cotton. Gildan Heavy Duty (which is what your mom calls my junk) construction will ensure a proper fit that feels great. Professional screened images and text helps get your fucked up message across even though some may not want to receive it, but when has receiving you ever been a choice?

Selection: We have thousands of shirts to offend the masses, particularly those that offends asses. Sorry, we're creative. Its what we do. With all of these shirts there's one bound for you. Don't be sensitive, get offensive, so when someone knocks and asks "May I come in?" you can reply "Only in my ass because I will get pregnant then."

Policy:We strive for satisfaction (from all orifices, we're not picky). Need an exchange? We'll swap with you, though we'd prefer to swap with your girl. Need a refund? We can handle it because you'll be back (we love the back).

Outro:A good offensive T-Shirt is hard to come by, but luckily for you we've got your back...and your front...and as it turns out your mom as well, problem?

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