What’s the name of the game! THUMPER! Why do we play! To get fucked up! Real partying (not that corporate mess) includes three things: Beer, Bitches, and Bros, in that order. We have just the thing to make your night of drunken debauchery even better, a shirt that tells everyone of your plan for drunken debauchery, and if that’s not enough for you then perhaps you need another drink. Cheers!
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68 You Owe Me One T-shirt
Little Miss Can't Behave T-shirt
Do Not Arrest This Person T-shirt
Enjoy Cocaine T-shirt
My Pen Is Huge T-shirt
I Finally Quit Drinking For Good, Now I Drink For Evil T-shirt
Alcohol Does Not Make You Fat It Makes You Lean Against Tables T-shirt
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It's a Celebration Bitches!

Intro: Perhaps one of the best applications for one of our many shirts is at a party. Parties have a few things: people and alcohol, and you will be happy to know that our "Partying" section has one thing: great shirts to wear at a party.

Quality:Like a good beer a good shirt makes a lot of difference. Our Ts are preshrunk 100%* cotton. Wash our shirts again and again, as you'll likely be doing, and worry not about the size.Gildan Heavy duty construction resists tears and will fit very nicely. No one wants a dingy shirt when they are trying to have a good time. Our Ts are professionally screened for images and text. When everyone's vision is blurred you will still be brilliant with our sharp graphics.

Selection:You don't want to be known as the person who wears that same shirt to every party, and by dealing with us, you won't. We have quality and quantity so your wardrobe will be limited only to your creativity and not ours.

Policy:The shirt that you thought was so awesome turn out to be a dud (as if that would happen with us)? We have exchange policies in place to grant you satisfaction because a company is only as good as their least satisfied customer and we intent to have 100% satisfaction, no asterisk.

Outro:Hmm, its my turn huh? Ok, well never have I ever gotten a bad Party shirt from roadkilltshirts. *everyone in unison* "Boo!". Sorry guys, it was the first thing I could think of.

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