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A bottle opener built into your t-shirt.

How does it work?
The BOTTLE OPENER is built into the bottom corner of your t-shirt.  It is acrylic so it won't rust and built in to a pouch with heavy duty stitching for easy opening.

How to order:
1) Pick your design
2) Under STEP ONE, is the option to select a BEER CAP TEE.
3) Proceed to STEP 2 and STEP 3....right now, only MEN'S sizes up to 2xl are available. We might add larger sizes later.
4) Only men's tees are available at this time, we might add ladies in the future.

Other FAQ's...

Can this be used as part of the Buy 3 get 6 FREE?
Yes, but the upgrade cost of $10 is not deducted from the final price, only the basic shirt cost.

Can I wash it in a washing machine?
Yes, The bottle opener is acrylic, it won't rust. 

What are the shirts made from?
They are the same shirts we normally sell, 100% cotton, Heavy Duty Gildan tees.