Awesome Funny T-Shirts for Kids

Awesome T-Shirts for Kids

It's hard to find a person, whether an adult or a child, who isn't a fan of t-shirts. It is surely safe to say that t-shirts are by far the most timeless piece of clothing to ever exist. When talking about clothing for kids, comfort comes before fashion. To make sure your child happily wears an outfit without throwing any tantrums, dressing them up in comfy outfits like awesome funny t-shirts for kids and loose trousers are the safest option ever.

Who doesn't love dressing kids up? Not only is it fun, but you have so much variety to choose from that you can enjoy dressing your child up. With that being said, let's explore the world of awesome tees and funny t-shirts for kids that not only you'll enjoy styling, but your child will also love wearing.

Don't Blame Me I was Born Awesome Tee

This shirt is made from 100% pure cotton and can be worn with jeans, trousers, or shorts. Black t-shirts are everyone's favorite which is why this is a must-have for your kid.

  •         Although the entire t-shirt design is plain, the red font printed on the shirt's center adds life and makes it look more catchy.

Moreover, you can place the design of the shirt as you please! Front or back, that’s totally up to you. For all parents who love to have something unique for their child to wear, these awesome funny t-shirts for kids will be perfect for them.

My Mom didn’t Raise a Dummy; if she did, it was my Brother Shirt

Another option when it comes to choosing funny t-shirts for kids is this black and white awesome tee. True to size and completely breathable, you won’t have to worry about your child feeling uncomfortable while wearing these customized kid's t-shirts. Not only do these funny t-shirts look adorable on them, but they make your child stand out from the usual cartoon characters.

  •         A plain black shirt and bold white font that states an interesting t-shirt design is a funny quote.
  •         By providing a wide range of sizes and designs, you have the flexibility to design custom t-shirts for kids.

    I’m Mom’s Favorite T-Shirt

    Isn't your child the apple of your eye? Without any question, they genuinely are! So let the world know that too by making your child wear this adorable t-shirt. Apart from the usual awesome funny t-shirts for kids, this is that truly meaningful tee that your child can keep safe with them forever.

    •         The shirt has a plain black color with a bright white font that states a lovely phrase.
    •         Made from 100% pure cotton that is not only light in weight but also skin-friendly.

    If you’re looking for shirts for kids with unique and catchy designs, this is the perfect shirt for you to buy for your kid.

    I Gotta See The Candy Van First Tee

    If you’re looking for a funny children's t-shirt, this is the right pick for you. Made from pure cotton, this funny children's t-shirt is perfect for the humid summer days. Your child will be comfortable wearing this awesome tee all the long, thanks to its breathable material.

    Cool t-shirt designs always look good on kids, which is why it's a must-have. There's hardly any child who isn't a fan of eating candies and chocolates. This tee is made to celebrate your child's love for sweets by incorporating the idea in an awesome t-shirt.

    My Mom didn’t Raise a Dummy; if she did, it was my Sister Shirt

    Looking for awesome t-shirt sayings for kids that are both funny and look adorable on them? Well, the wait is over. Get your hands on this super comfortable tee that you and your child both will love. This funny t-shirt features a solid black color with a funny quote imprinted on it in bold white font.

    •         The contrast of white on black always looks catchy and will make your child stand out in the crowd.
    •         If you're bored with making your child wear those usual cartoons and superhero-themed outfits, this will be an ideal choice.

    Elemeno T-Shirt

    Does your child love to sing the alphabet song? If yes, why not get them a shirt that will accompany them on their little alphabet learning adventure. The bright imprinted alphabets add life to the shirt with a dark blue base color that looks good both on girls and boys. This is one of the custom t-shirts for kids as you can choose whether you want the t-shirt design in the front of the shirt or at the back. The elemeno shirt is made from pure cotton, which is why it's so soft and breathable.

    You look Really Stupid with Your Head Like That Tee

    For children, comfort always comes before style, but this shirt proves that you can have the best of both worlds.

    •         This t-shirt is one of the many awesome funny t-shirts for kids you can find online.
    •         The shirt is available in a wide range of sizes, and all the sizes fit perfectly.

    Moreover, you don't have to stress about getting any stains on the tee because these cheap designable tees for kids are easy to wash and dry, so you don't have to worry about them getting shrunk after every single wash.

    I Paused my Game to be Here Tee

    When looking for shirts for kids with designs, the options seem endless, but it's always better to go for something different. If you also struggle to find awesome funny t-shirts for kids, fret not because this t-shirt is the right choice for you. It can be said that all kids nowadays are hooked to playing video games, and this children’s shirt design proves it!

    •         The unique design font and placement, along with the funny imprinted saying, makes this shirt a must-have.
    •         If you're a fan of dressing up your child differently from the usual outfits, then this funny shirt for kids should definitely be in your child’s closet!

    Without Me, It’s Just Aweso Shirt

    T-shirts shall always remain in fashion and look chic. This awesome tee is just another t-shirt for your child, which will soon be their favorite. Since its unisex, it can be worn both by boys and girls.

    Moreover, you can style it in several ways for your child; wear them with jeans, sweatpants, loose culottes, skirts, or even shorts! The options are endless. If you're someone who struggles with dressing up their kid because of their tantrums, worry not because making them wear such awesome funny t-shirts for kids will surely lift their mood.

    I tried at Home T-Shirt

    Shopping for children is never easy because there is a lot to consider, from the fabric texture to the style of the shirt, the color, the design, and so much more. However, the safest clothing item that every child wears comfortably is a t-shirt.

    •         To upgrade your child's style game, you can go for some cool tee shirt designs that are both comfortable as well as stylish.

    Moreover, what’s better is you get to decide the design placement on the t-shirt yourself! When ordering this t-shirt, you can easily choose where you would want to get the design imprinted.

    How to Choose the Ideal T-shirt for your Child?

    When buying clothes for your beloved little ones, it is essential to keep in mind what they prefer wearing. While some kids love wearing dresses and jumpsuits, some prefer casual and straightforward outfits like t-shirts and trousers. Hence to make sure your shopping spree goes successful is to consider your child’s liking.

    Fabric and Texture

    Another essential tip to remember is the fabric and texture of the t-shirt. The safest material to go with is cotton as it is light in weight, soft on the skin, and breathable. It can be easily washed and dried.

    •         Despite the fact polyester is also soft and silky, it is not a breathable fabric, and your child might feel sweaty in it.
    •         It is essential to look out if your child's skin is sensitive or allergic to any fabric.

    Type of T-Shirt

    You will find t-shirts in a lot of variety nowadays, from simple to patterned, from full sleeves to half sleeves to even sleeveless. While half sleeves have always remained the popular choice, your child may prefer a sleeveless or full-sleeved tee.

    Hence keep your options open to make sure whatever your child wears makes them feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.


    Make sure you are not color specific. Make sure to explore all the color options and make your kid wear them. Always remember that pink is not just for girls and blue is not just for boys! Making your kid wear all colors and shades will make their outfits look different and interesting every time. You can mix and match different outfit pieces to get rid of any monotony in their clothes.


    From being comfortable and breathable to being able to wear it or style it in so many different ways, a t-shirt has it all. From full sleeves t-shirts to half sleeves t-shirts and even sleeve tees, all remain a popular choice for kid’s clothing. 

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