Tips to create custom t-shirt designs for your family

Tips to create custom t-shirt designs for your family

Flaunt your family’s pride with custom t-shirt designs

Boasting the fashion streets with their enigmatic semblance and charismatic charm, the custom design t-shirts have been making rounds for quite a while now. They are a staple that exudes your sense of gratitude and love towards your family members. Whether you are heading to a vacay station or planning a beach trip to capture the panoramic views with your loved ones, designing your own shirts is an impeccable way to celebrate the togetherness of your family. It makes you feel included while making the trip of your loved ones all memorable, enjoyable, fun, and exciting. The best thing about wearing similar custom t-shirt designs is that you can get the best pictures to adorn your family wall. 

How to make your own t-shirt design?

Designing your own shirt can be intimidating if you have no prior experience! Some of you might look for the best websites for custom design shirts, while others may take the DIY route. What matters the most is that the comfort shirt with customized colors translates the spirit of sarcasm, freedom, and joy. 

The custom t-shirt designs serve as a backdrop to communicate the inner satire, humor, self-expression, and emotions that can’t be expressed otherwise. Coming with the right punch line, unique typographic expressions, snappy images, can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to get started. The internet is flooded with many custom t-shirt design websites floating dynamic ideas. So making the right choice needs knowledge beforehand to avoid glitches.  

We have sprawled through the internet to come up with the savvy tips to create the best t-shirt designs for 2022 while giving you everything you need to know to design your own shirt

Know what you want to know

Make sure that you clearly understand what you want to achieve from the custom t-shirt design, as it should be reflected in the design. Everyone should be able to relate to the theme of the occasion. Another chief element while plunging into this venture is determining the logo that becomes the face of the occasion. It will add a flicker of pizzazz to the family affair while making it more exciting and recognizable. You can also include your family members for design input. But don't invite too many ideas as it can be distracting and more time-consuming. Whether you are making your own t-shirt design or buying a custom shirt online, the design should exude your family’s individuality. 

Define your budget

When planning for customized t-shirt designs for the entire family, it is important to analyze your budget. The cost of printing for a custom t-shirt is primarily determined by a plethora of factors, including the method of printing you want to choose, the number of prints, volume of the order, and the colors you want to use. For instance, if you have selected the screen printing technique, you will have to pay an additional amount for the customized colors of the comfort shirt. So before you think about the designs, plan your budget and quantity accordingly. 

Gather inspiration

It is quintessential to have direction and ideas in mind to make your own t-shirt designs. Brainstorming your mind will prompt you to determine the shirt's colors, fonts, typographic details, and imagery. For inspirational images, you can pin posts from Instagram or Pinterest that best fit into the aesthetic vibe of your theme. Or you can also look into the best websites for shirt designs to look into the most coveted punch lines and to come up with something unique and genuine for your loved ones. 

Pop Art:

Pop Art designs don't have to be funny, but it doesn't mean you can’t add humor to your designs. You can look for comics, newspapers, and advertisements to create something edgy yet meaningful.


Neon prints are the new thing! Break the casual look and get graphic by making your own t-shirt designs with tie-dye techniques. Bring roar-some style to your children's wardrobe with the customized t-shirt designs for kids.  From diagonal stripes to traditional swirl patterns in multicolor to rainbow or box folds to accentuate the image or the tagline, the tie-dye designs make a colorful statement for any school or family occasion.

Details matter but keep things simple

The minimalistic designs against the monochromatic background can instantly hitch the sight of onlookers. If you are designing a custom shirt with long sleeves, it is unnecessary to utilize the sleeves for printing. You can get the message across through the sheer simplicity of your custom t-shirt design. If you want a more elaborate design, you can explore custom shirts online with graphics and texts on the back. 

Decide on the size

The size of the custom design on t-shirts should be based on the image and the properties of the garment to be printed on. For instance, geometrical patterns boast an appealing semblance when sized smaller. The print size can either make the design or break it. So you will have to choose a print size that works on all sizes of garments. 

Use color theory to design your own shirt

Slipping into similar comfort shirts with customized colors can notch up your vacation experience. Picking a color for a custom design t-shirt for men or women is often thought of as a gut feeling thing, something you either have the eye for or don't have. But when you are printing custom t-shirts, there is more than personal preferences at play. You can use the color wheel to make things easier.

  • Monochromatic colors
  • Monochromatic colors for custom comfort shirts work every time! They all share the same base color regarding saturation and brightness, for example featuring different shades of blue in the t-shirt as a backdrop. They look really clean and make complex designs simple.

  • Analogous Colors
  • Flaunting the colors adjacent on the color wheel, if you are looking to add subtle flashes of color to inch up your design, then an analogous palette works wonders. It is a great way to keep printed customized shirts fairly low-key with a hint of sprightliness. Notice how there are shades of pink, red, purple, but a little hint of orange pops off the custom-designed t-shirt. 

  • Complimentary colors
  • Designing your shirt can be much fun when the idea is to accent your bold fashion aesthetics. This palette features colors from opposite sides of the wheel. Whether you opt for a customized shirt with long sleeves or short ones, this color contrast works well when your graphic illustration voices a strong message that needs to be noticed by the bystanders. 

  • Triadic scheme
  • Experimenting with multiple colors can be messy, but the triadic color scheme offers a good amount of contrast while sustaining the harmony between the chosen colors. 

    Adding more colors can be enticing, but it will add to the cost of customized t-shirt printing. If you still want to add vibrant hues to your t-shirt frame without exceeding your budget, consider a colored cotton tee. 

    Determine the Placement

    Will your design wrap around the entire shirt or at the top right corner? Print placement is sometimes confused with location, but in reality, it manifests the specific measurement of where to print the design within the location. Whether you are ordering custom shirts online or designing your own shirt, all your efforts will be in vain if the placement gets wrong. A common mistake is the belly placement which never seems to be flattering. Moreover, if you want your logo to be more visible, the center chest placement is ideal. While opting for customized long-sleeve shirts, the placement looks best with small print sizes. 

    Typography Expressions

    Inside out, upside down, round and round, you can play with different typographic compositions while designing custom t-shirts for women and men, depending on the number of texts you will use. Characters can come to life by moving around the canvas while portraying different meanings, concepts, and forms. I would suggest using a few lines instead of a short sentence as a rule of thumb. Just make sure the typographic expressions that interact with the graphic elements are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Express yourself, and don't be afraid to experiment!


    What is the best website to design shirts?

    If you are struggling to make your own custom t-shirt design, then Road Kill T-shirts are your go-to choice. It is one of the best websites for designing shirts featuring captivating visual images, snappy fonts, and typographic expressions to help you design your own shirts

    Where can I get a t-shirt design printed?

    Road Kill T-shirts offers in-house services for printing custom t-shirts. 

    How can I make my own-shirt design

    Designing your own shirt can be an enjoyable activity if you know how to do it right. Here are a few steps to get you going:

    • Think about what your custom t-shirt design is going to represent
    • Pick a color scheme
    • Once you have added colors to your design, add a little dimension to your design.
    • Determine the placement
    • It’s important to sketch your thoughts out before putting them on the t-shirt. You can also use computer software like Adobe to create the design.
    • Understand your printing options.

    Are you ready to create? Road Kill T-shirts offer you an effective way to create a consistent, can’t miss look. The top-notch hub flaunts a variety of themes, sizes, and color options so that you can tailor your custom shirts online to your unique taste and style. 

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