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For some of us, joy lies in the investment we put into our work. This commendable pursuit to enhance our knowledge requires both commitment and resolve. We believe it is our responsibility to acknowledge this admirable endeavor. At Road Kill T-Shirts, our Math and Science T Shirts do just that. Whether it is a gift for your colleagues or a treat for yourself, have a look at our expansive Math and Science tee-shirts to inspire you. Here is what we have in store for you

Funny Math T Shirts

To do well in any subject it is important to be interested in it. Math may seem like a daunting subject for most of us, but for others, it can be a piece of cake. Our Funny T-Shirt range is for those dedicated individuals who do this subject justice and for those who are trying their best. These subtle and quirky math tee shirts are funny additions to any math enthusiast’s wardrobe. Some of our favorite themes in this collection include

Pi puns

Any math student’s life would go incomplete without the usage of the “pi”. Our math T shirts for students go that extra mile to include this constant so that your sense of humor is not lost in your love for math.

  1. “I ate some pi and it was delicious.”
    2. “Get real, be rational.”
    3. “Come to the math side, we have pi”
    4. “Octopi”


For some of us, our relationship with mathematics remains turbulent. We understand your sentiment. Whether you love math or not, these shirts have got you covered. These generic math T shirts are just what you and your friends need for your next study group session. Here’s what we have

  1. “Dear Math, I’m not your therapist”
    2. “I stopped understanding math when alphabets got involved”
    3. “God knows I would be too powerful if I could do math”
    4. “I Am An Enganeer Engeneer Enginear I'm Good With Math”

Funny Science T Shirts

Life wouldn’t be where it was today without the diligent efforts of our scientists. These hardworking men and women spend their lives researching, experimenting, and exploring different avenues to keep us all up-to-date. We owe a great deal to these individuals. Be sure to check out our various science funny tees so that you can make the scientists in your life feel special!

Periodic Tables

Chemistry is the crux of experimentation and our range would go incomplete without dedicated science T shirt designs just for them. As students, we have all known the struggles of chemistry so having a shirt that truly understands what we have gone through can be just the solace we need. These clever and funny science shirts will put a smile to anyone’s face!

  1. “Ah! The element of surprise.”
    2. “I wear this shirt periodically”
    3. “Heavy Metals”
    4. “Bacon elements”


Every scientist’s dream job is to work at NASA. To acknowledge and encourage our friends’ passions we must be attuned to the things they both enjoy and look forward to. These NASA logo shirts will be just the treat for your friend working or applying for work at NASA.


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