Amp up your wardrobe with the funny t-shirt designs for summer 2022

Amp up your wardrobe with the funny t-shirt designs for summer 2022

Funny Summer Shirts

Summers is all about keeping in mind your comfort while still maintaining a certain style quotient that sets you apart from the crowd. Isn’t it great when staples become trends? So if you are still wondering whether there are apparels to amp up your summer wardrobe on those hot and humid days without looking bland then you are thinking in the right direction unless you have this one staple in your wardrobe. Yes, you have got it right, we are talking about funny summer shirts. From your mom and dad to, the guy at the store, to that super sophisticated woman living in your neighborhood, funny t-shirts are a wardrobe staple that we see everywhere this summer. 

Update your summer look with the best summer t-shirts

Gone are the days when people loved to wear plain white tees. Today there obsolete and boring,  The fandom has taken a new turn with the evolution of graphic elements featuring funny shirt sayings. Whatever the case, the summer's verdict is crystal clear, the funny summer shirts are the new IT tops. Cheerful and funny to lighten the mood, these cute summer shirts are a hip thing to wear in 2022. 

Most simply, the funny summer shirts are wearable art. They are the most legit way to visually illustrate your witty sense of humor and personality. Boasting a truly modern medium for artistic expressions, funny t-shirts blend humor, social consciousness, and laid-back sensibility into satirical punch lines. They serve as an icebreaker on so many casual occasions. 

Flattering your causal wardrobe, here is the list of all the must-have best summer t-shirt designs featuring inspirational texts, satirical illustrations, and meaningful graphic elements to cool off your summers.

My stomach is flat –The L is just silent

Are you planning to start working out to get that flat tummy? Everybody knows it isn’t an easy feat to accomplish so adding a little sense of humor with this funny shirt saying could loosen up those who are struggling to lose weight. Oozing elegance, this plain summer t-shirt features bold typographic details and a sarcastic punch line that is sure to take the onlookers on a good laughter ride. 

I put the stud in study

Puns are here to stay regardless of the season or occasion. Amid the pandemic, humor is an ideal and natural coping mechanism to steady our nerves.  As classy as it seems, this pun-tastic funny t-shirt will steal the limelight with its witty jangle and quirky wordplay. 

Sorry for what I said while gaming

Making it to the list of t-shirt design trends in 2022, this graphic summer t-shirt for gaming is a must more than ever. Just because we have to say something doesn’t mean we have to say it loud and clear, funny shirt sayings are the legit way to lighten the mood and convey your thoughts. If you are a Gen Z gamer then this funny summer shirt precisely voices your savage mood while you are tirelessly hitting the buttons and joystick. Make a statement without saying a word with a sharp typeface and easy-to-read typographic details. 

Class of 2020 quarantiened

Sometimes, the funny shirt sayings are the visual interpretation of what is needed to be felt boldly and clearly. Although the global pandemic isn’t an object of laughter this cute summer shirt brings a bit of humor to the new normal by lightening things up a bit. From attending Zoom classes to graduating online, the class of 2020 quarantined is this best summer t-shirt design that merely reflects what 2020 was like for students. This clean, simple typeface and bold design boast minimalistic aesthetics with a hint of visual elements making this funny summer shirt a sight to behold. 

I see no good reason to act my age

Are you ready to unleash your inner child? Then no look further than this best summer t-shirt design that emanates a whole another level of artiness and satire, prompting you to express your playful being without talking about it. Going beyond the general typographic rules, this summer t-shirt features typographic chaos. The obscure font adds to the expression even if there is no strong belief behind it. Just snuggle into this funny t-shirt design and live your life to the fullest this summer.

Dad Joke Champion

Dry humor is ironically humorous, this is what makes dad jokes a forever classic. If your dad's oneliners keep you rolling on the floor then a summer t-shirt is all he needs to be acknowledged. The groan-worthy, pun-laden can't help but laugh, rolling eye type of humor involves lame yet oh-so-good jokes that you can't help but laugh helplessly. If you would like to take a more sentimental route then gift this funny summer t-shirt to your old pal to reflect your sense of admiration for his entertaining jokes. 

If history repeats itself I am so getting a dinosaur

Are you more of a paleontologist? This funny t-shirt saying is a crisp portrayal of your fancy imaginations of being surrounded by the dinosaurs in real. Flaunting the best t-shirt design trending in 2022, this summer t-shirt is as cool to look at as it is to wear. From kids and adults to every genre, if you are a Jurrasic Park admirer then slipping into this cute summer t-shirt design is a must because the dino trend is not stopping anytime soon. 

Happy Turkey day

Everybody loves some holiday humor!  Celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and loved ones is more fun when you have matching funny thanksgiving shirts. Boasting the perfect sense of humor, this funny summer shirt is a perfect fit to amuse everyone at the dining table. Taking minimalism to the next level, this simple design features only bold lettering with a Turkey to create a strong impactful sight. 

Long before tweets and Facebook statuses, funny shirts with sayings have always served as a chic backdrop to voice your opinions, feelings, and humor. Whatever you are into, whatever you are feeling, if you are looking to add a little humor to your summer wardrobe Road Kill T-shirts offers the best summer t-shirt designs featuring inspirational illustrations, catchy taglines, and meaningful satire to inch up your mood and persona.
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